Sustainable growth and a seamless customer experience are essential for banking and financial services.

Utilize end-to-end automation technologies to their full potential

Customer Service

Clients anticipate hearing back in a matter of minutes. For better customer satisfaction, Shrine AI-powered solution reads, interprets, and provides accurate answers to queries in a matter of seconds.

Debt Collection

The total revenue of the lending organization is directly impacted by debt collection.The adoption of an effective automated debt recovery system is essential for sustainable growth in light of the current trend of rising debt consumption.

Emails Automation

Every day, thousands of emails are sent to organizations, and processing each one usually takes seven to fourteen minutes. Our solution allows you to reduce the time to a matter of seconds, allowing the team to focus on more complex cases.

Over 300% ROI is anticipated in the following three years.

Our aim is to improve the day-to-day business and activities to make your business ahead in the Market. We can improve mainly on following operations and customize your business specific operations.

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We deliver Business Values

Enhanced the capacity of customer support team
0 %

One of the biggest problems facing businesses that are expanding quickly is capacity scarcity. Our auto-scalable solution adjusts to the expanding demands of the company to maintain steady productivity.

Reduction in operational expenditure
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Businesses spend heavily on document management for enhanced operations. With our solution, they can reduce this cost by more than 50% to scale with efficiency.

Increased customer satisfaction
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Our solutions are available around-the-clock and can accurately process a large volume of documents in a matter of minutes, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Straightforward interface with your current systems

Unlock the full potential of your business operations and achieve effortless connectivity by seamlessly integrating our Simplifai AI solutions with your current systems. Witness a harmonious convergence of efficiency and technology with Simplifai at your side to transform the way you work.


Excellent Compliance


Boost the process's effectiveness


Scale up with innovation and adaptability


Assure a seamless interaction & experience

5k+ reviews


1860 reviews


1630 reviews


2100 reviews


940 reviews

Our claims process can be more intelligently organized with ShrineAI’s assistance, freeing up staff members’ time to manually process paperwork and emails.

John Stone

The Al solution from ShrineAI will be
the next step for us through its
capability to read and interpret
unstructured ‘free’ text in emails and
several other formats of documents
where RPA has limitations.

Jonathan Downson

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John Stone

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Jonathan Downson

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Jack Well

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